Burn to Shine

『Burn To Shine』
FugaziのBrendan Cantyがプロデュース、
フィルムメイカーChristoph Greenがディレクターをつとめる

Burn to Shine: Washington Dc 01-14-2004
売り上げランキング: 5,230

1.Q And Not U – X-Polynation
2.Medications – Domestic Animals
3.Garland Of Hours – Word Versus
4.French Toast – Insane
5.Ted Leo – Bleeding Powers
6.Weird War – AK-47
7.The Evens – Mount Pleasant Isn’t
8.Bob Mould – Hoover Dam

Burn to Shine 2: Chicago 09-13-2004
売り上げランキング: 382

1.The Lonesome Organist – Catching Flies With Teeth
2.Pit Er Pat – The Dog Man
3.Shellac – Steady As She Goes
4.The Ponys – Shadoe Box
5.Wilco – Muzzle Of Bees
6.Tight Phantomz – Ninja Talk
7.Freakwater – Jewel
8.Red Eyed Legends – Je M’apple Macho
9.Tortoise – Salt The Skies